Back Squats and Judo


Back Squat 5×5


I haven’t done back squats since October or November, and it shows. Back then I think I was doing 130# for 5 reps, and today 112# was a real struggle. I think most of my problem is form. I have a terrible squat, due in part to bad knees and a complete lack of flexibility in my calves. I tend to lean way forward which is probably not very conducive for an efficient squat. When I dropped back down to 92# Steve said my form was much better, so I need to just ramp it up slowly. 

Judo class tonight. We have a new student so we went through some breakfalling technique and about 2/3 of the throws. After that we did some “light” randori. I must say the new guy is fast and he is big, I hope he sticks it out because he’s gonna be a beast.


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