Kyuki-Do Night

Kyuki-do class tonight. We did some hand technique drills, then broke off into groups to work on whatever we wanted. Randall and I ran through the knives and guns. Then Tom, Sedona, Randall and I tried to figure out some of the new self defense techniques. They changed them right after we all tested for black belt so we are totally clueless. We all remember the old ones by heart, but the new ones throw us for a loop. We tried to coerce little seven year old Sabrina to show us one of them, but she didn’t know it either. That probably didn’t look good: four big black belts gathered around a poor, tiny brown belt asking her how to do something. Um, yes, we really did test for these black belts — and they really did give them to us. 

After that we put on the hogus and did some kicking drills. Ahhh, nothing like the feel of your foot driving into someone else’s chest to make your day better.

* * * * * * * * * 


In the post above I attempted to relay (what I thought) was a humorous situation that took place during one of our classes. I did not consider how my remarks reflected on my fellow students and federation members. 

At 3:07 am a Mr. Al Key left the following comment on my blog:

“Kyukido? black belts asking a brown belt how to do techniques. Sad, sounds like you guys were given the belts just for the money.”

I only told part of the story — the part I left unsaid was the four years we have spent learning our art, the blood we shed, the sweat we left on the mats, the broken bones, the torn ACL’s, the hours and hours of dedication. Yes, we asked a brown belt a question. She didn’t spend four years learning the old techniques, we did — she may have known the answer. If she did know the answer should we have puffed ourselves up with pride and insisted that a lowly brown belt could not teach us anything? Ridiculous. 

For the record, we were trying to figure out the difference between two techniques that appeared to be exactly the same. Our instructor was on the other side of the dojang assisting another student. When he was done, he came over and answered our question. Problem solved, now we know. 

Ordinarily I would not respond to such a negative comment. If some guy wants to troll my site at 3:00 am and tell me I bought my black belt — go right ahead. Whatever. But I did not intend to denigrate my fellow students, my school, or my federation or make them look stupid. For that I apologize profusely.


2 thoughts on “Kyuki-Do Night

  1. I knew exactly what you meant I found the humor in it!!!! I also have an idea of the time, pain, and energy that it took you to get your black belt and I know that money cannot buy what you achieved.

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