Deadlift Day and Judo


Deadlift 3×3 

Deadlift 1×20 – 120#

The odd number of 202.5# was because I forgot to take one of the 2.5# plates off. I thought it felt funny. I’m kind of like the princess and the pea: “Is there an extra 3/8 ounce on this bar? I’m not lifting 202.5325 pounds!”

I made it back to town in time to catch judo class tonight. We did takedowns, pins, and then we got to practice escaping from pins. We had an odd number of people tonight so Anja, Linda and I were all partnered together. I was doing Kami Shiho Gatame on Linda and she let out a shriek when I grabbed for her belt. It scared the heck out of me because I thought I hurt her neck, but I was accidentally pinching a big hunk of her butt instead of her belt. Sorry. Then when I was setting up to do Kesa Gatame she yelped again, and this time I had stuck my elbow into her short ribs. Sorry, again. There were several other incidents with both her and Anja. I think by the end of the night they were both ready to do some WWE flying elbow strikes to my face. Aaaaahhhh, sorry – again.


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