My Nemesis the Treadmill

CrossFit Endurance workout:


10 seconds on 20 seconds off for 16 rounds:

All out efforts! Terrain or incline is your choice.

I tried doing this one on the treadmill, and it didn’t work so hot. As previously stated before, I am terrified of 1.) sprinting on the treadmill, and 2.) bench pressing by myself. In the part of my mind where I make mountains out of molehills both of these scenarios end in disaster and serious bodily injury, or on a really bad day – death. 

So, with that said, I was afraid to go fast enough to really get the most out of this workout. Oh don’t get me wrong, it made me sweat, but I just didn’t end up in a puddle on the floor like I know I should have. This one would be brutal out on a trail or track, though. If spring ever comes I look forward to doing just that.


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