I’m So Close

I was downstairs in my ultra ghetto furnace room gym measuring the pull-up bar/squat rack for a scheme I’m hatching. I needed to know if I had enough room to do a pull-up if I moved some things around, so I jumped up on the bar, did a kip and… I think I did an honest to goodness pull-up! I thought, “Did that just happen or am I having another one of those dreams with ice skating cows and gymnastics?” So I tried again, and again, and did two more pull-ups. I don’t think I’m dreaming, and I’m not sure if the pull-ups are legit. I’m touching my chin to the bar so I don’t know if that counts or not. I’ll have to have Steve look at it when I get back to Pierre. I think an expert opinion is needed before I celebrate by doing the end zone happy dance while spiking a Dynamax ball. As for the ice skating cows — well, I have no explanation for that other than an over-active imagination.


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