Kyuki-Do and Judo

Judo class last night, and it was the worst kind of night: we had a spectator. A (big) guy came in and watched the class, and Master E. really put us through our paces. On water breaks (I’m surprised we got any) we all kind of huddled in the corner and mumbled half-intelligible remarks about our misery and our guest. When we were finished with everything we were sent back to the corner for another break and Master E. said:

“When you’re done we’re going to do the R.”

Us: “Grooooaaaann.”

Master E.: “It’s either that or one minute drills.”


(For non-judokas, R is randori — free sparring.)

Tonight was Kyuki-Do. We did hand techniques and one step sparring. After that we did the dreaded side kick drills (feel the burn!) and we practiced blocking kicks with a parter without looking (Grasshopper, you must sense the kick with your mind.) Then, the high belts got to get the swords out and play a bit. Actually, we spent probably a half an hour just drawing and sheathing the swords. God is in the details.

And finally, just for fun: “If you love America, you’ll throw money in it’s hole.”

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry…


2 thoughts on “Kyuki-Do and Judo

  1. Kyukido? black belts asking a brown belt how to do techniques. Sad, sounds like you guys were given the belts just for the money.

  2. Hmmmm, guess you missed the part where I said they changed the techniques we had learned for the past four years immediately after we tested. Those we can do forwards and backwards with our eyes closed. I guess you also missed the part where I was trying to relay an amusing story. But thank you for taking the time out to read, comment on something you know nothing about and to insult an entire school and federation of dedicated martial artists.

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