150 wall-balls for time

7:58 or 7:48? I can’t remember now. I know there was a 7 and an 8 in it… Whatever, ten seconds doesn’t matter much at this point, it’s not like I was close to a world record or anything. Oh yeah, and I used an 8# ball. I only hit myself in the face a few times, and somehow managed to end up with the ball balanced on top of my head one time. No one else seemed to think it was funny, though they probably wondered why I was giggling. “Ah, Tami’s just thinking about Chunky Monkey again.”

We also practiced overhead squats and air squats. Steve seems a bit perplexed as to why we all tip over backwards when we try to keep our torsos straight. Psssst, Steve: we’re women, we have junk in our trunks. 

And of course, at the mere mention of overhead squats I am legally obligated to post the following video:

Yesterday was my first carb-up day. I know I’m supposed to eat healthy carbs, and I did have lots of bananas and mashed potatoes, but I also indulged in my cravings for chocolate chip Pop Tarts, ice cream and pizza. I actually feel really good. I had tons of energy for the WOD this morning – of course it was not at zero dark thirty this time, so that may have also had something to do with it.

Well, gotta go – that ice cream isn’t gonna eat itself. I also heard a vicious rumor that we’re hitting “Jackie” tomorrow so I’d better top of my tank for that one. Two girls in a row? Not nice.


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