Judo Belt Test

Today we had our belt test and I was awarded the rank 2nd Kup, brown belt. I was partnered with Anja, which is always fun. No major mishaps, other than bonking our heads together a couple of times. I only had one randori match, which was with Garrett. He did great, I’m really proud of him, as are the rest of the crew.

I think he’s one of those kids that’s never really found what he’s good at, and he’s good at judo. It takes a lot of courage for a four foot tall, 80 pound kid to let a six foot tall, 200 pound guy pick him up and slam him to the ground. Kyuki-do is hard, and I’m not knocking anyone that does it (I’m a black belt myself) but judo is hard. It’s like the difference between being in the Navy, and being a Navy Seal. Oh, you’re one of those guys. Or it’s like someone telling you they workout — on the elliptical trainer at the YMCA, and someone else telling you they do CrossFit. Oh, you’re one of those guys.


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