Adieu White Faced Horned Cow

I feel really blah today. I didn’t eat that much or that great (too much sausage – I dunno, it was a sausage kinda day.) I helped my mom feed the cows this morning and we spotted what looked like a dead one on a hillside. So I hiked down the hill (easy part), looked the cow over (White Faced Horned Cow, one of my favorites, sniff), and hiked back up the looooong, icy hill (hardest part.) Then we had to pack five fifty-pound salt blocks and five fifty pound bags of mineral to various slippery, muddy locations. Whew, after that I felt like I was wearing lead shoes all day. 

Then a long trip back to the big city, and Kyuki-do class tonight. Wednesday is usually black belt night, but with the upcoming test we had some nervous lower belts show up for some extra cramming. So, not much of a workout, mostly supervisory stuff. I did some left legged kicking (still nervous about my knee), some hand techniques and a few forms.

I don’t know what happened to poor old White Faced Horned Cow. She could have possibly been struck by lightning, as we had some freaky February thunderstorms in the last few days. She looked like she just sat down and died. She was old too, so she might have just cashed in her chips and headed to the great pasture in the sky. She was a gentle old girl, I gonna miss her. She used to just come up behind me and stare at me until I fished around in my pocket and gave her a treat. I swear, our cows just see me as a giant vending machine. Except I don’t get any money. Although I do take their children and eat them, so I guess that evens it out.


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