Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1-1-1


The first two reps at 220# felt ok, definitely felt like a 1RM. The last rep at 220# I felt like I was rounding my back or pulling with my back so I dropped it down five pounds. The 215# reps felt just as difficult to pull as the 220#’s but with out the back freakiness. Like Rip says “…stronger does not necessarily mean more weight on the bar. Resist the temptation to add weight at the expense of correct technique – you are doing no one any favors when you sacrifice form for weight on the bar. Progress stops, bad habits get formed, injuries accumulate, and no one benefits in the long run.” Starting Strength, pg. 299.

For the last week I’ve been experimenting with a new approach to my diet. I started doing the Anabolic Diet (aka the Metabolic or Ketogenic diet.) There is a twelve day induction phase where I can only eat 30 grams of carbohydrates a day, but as much protein and fat as I want. Then I “carb up” for two days due to some scientific reason that I either can’t remember right now or I’m not smart enough to understand. Then back to a schedule of 5 low carb days (under 30g) and 2 carb up days (over 100g.) The reason I switched to this method of eating is because it’s very easy for me to eat clean during the week when I’m on my own and completely in control of my food. On the weekends, however, family and friends intrude and I would find myself facing a smorgasboard of delicious baked goods and higher carb foods. So basically, I thought I was pretty much doing the AD anyways, so all I needed to do was lower my carb count during the week (I had been at about 80-100g a day when eating clean.)

Right now I’m on day 7 of the induction phase, and I feel pretty darn good. My energy level is fairly consistent, I’m sleeping very well, and I’ve leaned out a little. I haven’t lost much weight (3 pounds in seven days) but I have noticed a difference in how my clothes are fitting. I haven’t checked my body fat for a while, but I think I’m down at least 1-1.5%.

Right now, this doesn’t seem like a hard diet to maintain. The first two days were okay – the second day I wondered if I had reached the human capacity to eat meat. No mas chicken. My apartment even started to smell of fried meat (Glade Plug-Ins, now in Charred Beef and Roasted Poultry scents.) Then it got better. Eggs, bacon, steak, pork chops, almond butter, guacamole, cheese, blue cheese salad dressing, sumer sausage. Now that I’ve adjusted a little bit I’m failing to see a down side to this. OK, maybe one down side: I’m getting tired of lettuce, which is pretty much the only low carb fruit/veggie that I like. I’ll have to start learning to love broccoli and celery – and by “learning to love” I mean finding some sort of cheese/mustard/nut butter concoction to dip them in to make them edible.

Five more days until I can carb up. I’m craving bananas in a big way, and also Chocolate Chip Pop Tarts, which I haven’t eaten in years. Weird.

There is a great thread here on the CrossFit boards about this diet.


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