Things I Didn’t Want To Do Today


21-15-9 rep rounds of:

Wallball (8#)
Dumbbell swings (25#)
Pull-ups (blue band)


 Looks easy, doesn’t it? Bwahahahaha! It’s never easy, if it is you didn’t go hard enough. The wallballs and swings weren’t too bad, I made it through all sets unbroken and could have gone heavier on both. The pull-ups, oh my, the pull-ups. My shoulders were sore from yesterday, so I had nothing in the tank today. I also had several equipment malfunctions with the band, one of which resulted with me on my back with my foot up in the air stuck in the band. Ah, the view is lovely down here, wake me up when the workout is over.

Luckily, thanks to judo, I do not find myself distressed at falling on the ground. At least I fell there on my own and some big dude didn’t pick me up and throw me there. Which is exactly how I spent one hour of my evening. Actually, there was only one big dude there tonight and he was very gentle with me. It was the women that mauled me — namely Crusher and Shoulders. Thanks ladies.

Which brings me to Things I Didn’t Want To Do Today.

1.) Pull-ups at 5:15 a.m.
2.) Judo

I made myself get up this morning, even though it would have been bliss to roll back over and go to sleep. I didn’t want to go to judo — my leg hurt, my knee hurt, and my stomach hurt and to be honest sometimes it’s no fun to be choked, pinned, and thrown. But I went to both anyway. Then I came home tonight and watched this video on the CrossFit Radio site. It’s pretty long, but the jist of it was in this quote: “It’s that day that you didn’t want to do something and you force yourself to do it, that day you became better. That day you got a little bit stronger.”

Amen, brother. If it was easy, everyone would do it.


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