Sea Kitty Tabata and Stand Up Chokes


6 rounds of 20 sec on/10sec rest of each exercise with 1 minute rest in between exercises.

Box Jumps (12″)
Abmat Situps
Push Press (22#)

BJ SU Row PP SQ Total
Janesa 37 66 30 79 76 288  
Tami 42 85 36 76 83 322


My cousin Janesa was in town so I brought her along to get a workout in. Class was at 4:15 a.m. Spearfish time, so Nesa is hardcore for sure. It was fun having her along, but what else would you expect from a Sea Kitten? She even worked out in her Sea Kitten High t-shirt. Like I said, hardcore. She rocked it, especially the push-presses. She was probably just imagining pulling a delicious sea kitty out of the ocean.

Later tonight I went to judo. We ran through the whole test, including randori at the end. I got kicked in the face a few times and I also managed to hit myself in the face once. Smooth.

At the start of class someone was giving directions about what order we were going to do things in “Breakfalling, take-downs, pins, chokes, standing chokes.” Anja is from Germany, so she has a bit of an accent and somehow we got “chokes” mixed up with “jokes” — I don’t even remember how it happened. I think it went from being stand up chokes, to stand up jokes. Anyway, we decided it was a new element of the test — after the pins you get up, someone puts a microphone in the middle of the mat and turns a spotlight on, rotten tomatoes are passed out to the audience. “So a priest, a rabbi and a judoka walk into a bar…”


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