My Legs! They Hurt!


AMRAP in 12 minutes of:

10 walking lunges
20 mountain climbers
10 walking lunges
15 dumbbell swings (25#)

6 rounds + 10 lunges + 10 mountain climbers

This started out as AMRAP in 20 minutes, then about 5 minutes in it was dropped down to 15 minutes, then 12 minutes. Thank God. The lunges and swings weren’t that bad, but the mountain climbers smack in the middle of them was brutal. I’ve done 150 lunges with a 12# med ball before, and I think this one was worse.

They all looked at me kind of funny when I pulled my knee pads out of my bag. What? Doesn’t everyone carry a pair around with them? Jumper cables, chap stick and kneepads. Don’t leave home with out them.

So tonight my mom and I went to the Minnesota Twins Winter Caravan event here it town. It was awesome. My favorite player, Denard Span, was there. One of the all time great players, Tony Oliva, was also there and he was a riot. He regaled us with tales about hitting against Bob Gibson and Nolan Ryan, and about being the only black man in South Dakota in 1964. We got autographs from everybody and got to say hello to all the players. 

I enjoyed it a lot, but I know my mom enjoyed more than anyone in the building. She is probably the Twins #1 fan. She never misses a game, and I mean NEVER. Have you seen the movie Fever Pitch with Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon? Drew’s character says that there are two versions of Ben – Winter Ben and Summer Ben. Well, I tell my mom all the time that she is Winter Joyce and Summer Joyce. She doesn’t have Twins wallpaper yet, but I know she would have Chicago White Sox toilet paper if she could find it. 

Tony Oliva signing an autograph for me.

My mom and my favorite player, Denard Span.

Tony Oliva, Denard Span (my favorite player),
Jason Kubel and Dick Bremer.


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