Kyuki-do and Presses


Shoulder press 5-5-5-5-5


70# x 3
75# x 1 

Kyuki-do class tonight. We did the breakfalling form, continuous hand techniques, and then we worked on tournament forms. Towards the end of class we went through the tournament rules for sparring and judo and practiced reffing a little. The reffing wouldn’t be such a big deal, but it’s all in Korean. I do not speak Korean – hence the anxiety. Luckily, most of the people I would be reffing for don’t speak it either, so if I accidentally say something about their mother they won’t notice.

Oh look, someone must have secretly video taped part of our class:

I had quite the weekend. We went to my adopted grandpa’s 80th birthday party on Saturday and Grandma put on quite the spread: turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, jello salad (we’re Lutherans, after all), homemade bread, and cherry nut chiffon cake. Sunday I ate leftovers from Saturday, plus a little ice cream and cupcake binge. Peer pressure, that’s all I have to say. It’s a good thing my friends and family are cake-heads and not crack-heads, or I’d be in rehab with Brittney and Lindsey on a regular basis.

Saturday night when we got home I went to shut the cow’s water tanks up and all 50 calves were gone. The fence was flattened and the horses were in the calves’  pen eating their hay. Well, I tried to locate them, but as I’ve stated before it is very hard to find a black cow at night. Very hard. So the next morning we tracked them down and trailed them about five miles home. It was streaking cold that day, and I kept asking them “Why couldn’t you make a break for it when it was 50 degrees?” They, of course, didn’t answer. Instead they refused to cross creek number three, because they’ve apparently developed a spontaneous phobia to ice. Never mind that we’ve already gone across two frozen creeks without a problem. At that point I did something I never do when working with cows. I yelled at them. Either I’m really scary when yelling or I surprised them so much they forgot that they were stalling, because they hopped right across the creek. 

I’m serious, it was cold, and I had spent about six hours freezing my touchie off. I was wearing an ear band, a hat, a fleece baclava, three sweatshirts, two parkas, two pair of gloves, two pair of socks, pac boots, long underwear and thermal lined pants. I had so many clothes on I literally could not turn my head. I tried a few times and ended up looking at the inside of my hat, so from that point on I pretended if I couldn’t see it, it didn’t exist.

When I got back to the house I was going to do the CrossFit main site WOD, but I crawled under my brand new Eddie Bauer down filled blanket and instantly – and I mean instantly – fell asleep. They should put warnings on those things:  “Warning. This product may cause extreme coziness resulting in instant sleep. Do not use while operating heavy machinery.”

I’m super excited because tomorrow night my favorite sports team (the Minnesota Twins) are coming to town on their winter fan appreciation tour. I’m super-duper excited because my favorite player (Denard Span) is going to be there. Tony Oliva, one of the all time great players is coming as well, so it should be a blast. When you live out in the middle of nowhere like we do this is the sort of thing you spend four years looking forward to. The last time they were here Dave St. Peter, the president of the team was along and my mom and I actually had a nice chat with him. What other professional sports team would send their President out to chat with a bunch of hicks out in the boonies? That’s why the Twins are my favorite team, they are classy and they never forget their fan base. Oh yeah, they play good baseball too.


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