Front Squats

Today was a strength day at Dakota CrossFit – front squats. I didn’t write down what I did, but I think it went like this:

Warmup – 42# x 5
72# x 5
92# x 5
102# x 5
102# x 5

I don’t remember if we did five sets or four. If we did five my extra set was either 92# or 102#. The last time I did 5×5 front squats was 12/4/07 and it looked like this:


On January 7, 2007 I did 1RM front squats and had quite the little adventure with my homemade squat rack.

And on June 15, 2008 I did 1RM again and maxed out at 120#.

Here is a great video from Again Faster about front squat form.

After our strength work was done we did a half tabata of:

Push-ups (strict): 12/10/8/7 – 37
Abmat sit-ups: 13/13/13/13 – 52
Squats: 14/14/15/14  – 57

I tweaked a muscle in my leg last night in judo, so I probably should have rested today. I felt fine when we warmed up and all through class, but I went to WalMart when we were done and it started to hurt. Those WalMart people are going to start to wonder about me. Yesterday I wandered around in a delirium and ogled the ice cream. Today was in my right mind (though I still ogled the ice cream), but I was dragging my leg around like Quasimodo. When I come through the door they probably all say to each other “Security, keep an eye on the crazy lady in the ice cream isle!”

Though I didn’t accomplish much in judo last night I did get some awesome  pictures. Here is a great one of Garrett getting iponned by Linda.


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