Rowing and Pressing


3 rounds for time of:
Row 500 meters
21 push press (42#)


My strategery for this one was to go until I collapsed. No pausing, no resting, no sandbagging, no cupcaking. I think I could have got under 11:00 if I hadn’t diddled so much on the push press – I definitely could have made a little time up there. Other than that I’m pleased with this.

The first row wasn’t too bad – I think my split was 2:02. The second row was awful, and the last row was pure hell. I wanted to stop so bad but I couldn’t because I was strapped into the darn thing. It felt like my limbs were flopping all over, and I ended up losing my shoes somehow. 

I think Steve was a little apprehensive about doing this WOD, but as someone pointed out, he was the one that thought it up and wrote it down. I guess if you don’t fear your workout, it’s not hard enough.

After class I went over to WalMart, and after I got in there I’ll be honest, I didn’t feel quite right. I found myself wandering around the grocery section, trying to remember why I came in there. Eventually I ended up in front of the ice cream freezer, giggling at the “Chunky Monkey” cartons. I decided maybe I needed to sit down, and I managed to drive home without being pulled over. “Miss are you on something?” “Uhhh, yes officer – rowing.” *

I’m going to try to hit the Kyuki-do and judo classes tonight. I’ll update if anything interesting happens.


* I went to the Ken Overcast school of journalism. These stories are all true, except for the parts I made up.


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