Push Up Your Wall Ball


30-20-10 rep rounds of:
Wall Ball


So the alarm goes off at 4:40 a.m. and I immediately jump out of bed into a fighting stance ready for action, and after a few spinning roundhouse kicks I rip off 25 handstand push-ups on my knuckles. Ok, so that’s not exactly how it happened – more like the alarm goes off at 4:40 a.m. and I think “Where am I, why is this thing ringing in my ear, and why is it dark?” Ah, sometimes reality is so dull.

This was the workout at Dakota CrossFit this morning (the only reason I would get out of bed at 4:40 a.m – that and chocolate, of course.) I did all the push-ups strict. We did a little deadlift practice and then I came home and took a nap. I heard a rumor there is a metcon with rowing coming tomorrow. Oh, goodie.

Kyuki-do class tonight. Irene is a few months from testing for her black belt so she volunteered to do the warm-up and cool down. She made us do 21 jumping jacks in the warmup and 13 in the cool down (we always do 20 and 10, always.) Give them a little power and they turn into despots. But seriously, she did great – it was interesting to see how many people stopped at 20 and 10 because they weren’t listening. During class we worked on forms and we went through the bo staff forms at the end (Bo One and MaNam.)

I weighed in today. 146# – down one pound from last week. I felt great yesterday, especially during judo class in the evening. Today my mom was in town and we had lunch and I totally went off the wagon. Chicken strips and a big plate of fries, needless to say I felt like crud the rest of the day. I took a cheat day on Sunday also, and I noticed when I eat a lot of bread and potatoes it sits in my stomach like a rock. I literally feel like I swallowed a kettlebell. Ugh. I’ve found when I eat paleo I can eat a lot and not feel overly full, but I’m not hungry either.

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