Mr. Joshua



Mr. Joshua

Five rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
30 unanchored sit-ups
150 pound Deadlift, 15 reps


I did this one back in November and was about four minutes faster then. But, I did 25# heavier deadlifts this time and I know we didn’t run anywhere near 400 meters the first go-round. Running gets my goat every time. There is just this certain pain threshold that I reach that I’m not willing to go through. I need to figure out how to break that barrier somehow – without killing myself, that is. 

Back when I was a fluffy girl (well, fluffi-er anyway) I started running because I thought that running a marathon was the ultimate pinnacle of fitness. Those guys that can run 10 miles a day must be FIT! I hated running, but I toiled away on the treadmill, the trail, the track. I remember when I first broke through that pain barrier. I was about 2 or 3 miles into a run and it hurt, I wanted to stop, but I didn’t. I kept going and I broke through the barrier. Unfortunately, it still hurt on the other side too. It just gave me a whole new mindset to realize that I could go through it if I really wanted to. Maybe that’s my problem, I know it sucks just as much on the other side. Too bad there aren’t overstuffed chairs, kittens and cupcakes on the other side – then I would want to go there all the time. But only if the cupcakes were chocolate, of course.

Judo tonight. We had a huge class and we got through a ton of stuff. We did all the pins, chokes and arm bars, plus everyone got to do the throw of their choice (I picked Ouchi Gari), and the icing on the cake was 15 minutes of randori to finish the class off.

After class when we were changing clothes in the locker room Anja put one sock on, then slumped against the wall. She decided she was glad she only had two legs, because if she was a spider and had eight legs she wouldn’t have had enough energy to put all her socks on. Yeah, it was that kind of class.


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