Dakota CrossFit


Sometimes, dreams really do come true: a pony for Christmas, winning an Olympic gold medal in ping-pong, forming an all-girl group and hitting #1 on the Billboard charts with your totally hot song, having a gym where you are allowed to drop a 185 pound barbell from above your head without being forcibly escorted out the front door. In this case, I would like to present to you Dakota CrossFit. (‘Scuse me a minute while I do a little happy dance. Da ta da da da ta!) Dakota CrossFit is one of the newest affiliates in the CrossFit nation and just happens to be in my home town of Pierre, South Dakota. Certainly, I never thought an affiliate would open in our little spot in the middle of nowhere, but indeed it is true. Pull-up bars! Bumper plates! Rowers! Chalk! It’s like a playground for grownups.

Actually, I’ve been working out with the owner, Steve, since he moved here this fall. I was telling a friend about our workouts and his cool garage gym. When she asked me how I met him I said “On the internet.” She’s in law enforcement, so she shot me a look that my mother would be proud of. I had to say “That’s not what it sounds like, chica. We’re CrossFitters, we operate a little differently.” So if you are in the Pierre area come on in and do a workout with us. We’d love to sweat with you!


10 thoughts on “Dakota CrossFit

  1. Love your write up Tami – quite humorous – I must say. Ya. Steve. thanks for the great coaching – Now if this ‘ol chicken could always get up in the morning. That’s a big struggle for me. (Sounds funny coming from a chicken, huh)

  2. Hey Steve or Tami or whoever is writing this. I have been thinking about a move to Pierre and it may just happen. The only thing that bummed me out was no crossfit affliate. I have been at it about a year and am a full on addict, however still an average joe at best. How do I get in contact with this mythical Steve when I get to town??

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