Overhead Squats 5×3


Overhead squat w/broomstick x 10
OHS w/30# x 5
OHS w/50# x 3
OHS w/60# x 3


Overhead squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps


I completely surprised myself on this one, as 65# was my previous ONE REP MAX, hit on June 15, 2008. I felt really solid, although I know that I lean forward a lot and crank my shoulders back quite a bit on this lift. I feel like I’m pretty upright, but thanks to eyewitness testimony I know that’s not the case. Guilty. 80# felt really solid, and I’m positive I could have got 85# or over, but I couldn’t snatch it overhead and I don’t have a squat rack. But hey, I’ll take a 15# PR any day.

Incidentally, 80# is also a new snatch PR. My old PR was 70# from October, 2008. I don’t know what the difference was tonight, but I’m guessing that I’m getting stronger.

I got up super early this morning to do the clean/dip WOD from the main site, but five 90# cleans in my blood blister from yesterday popped. I didn’t have time to clean it and tape it so I just stopped. Tonight when I got home I cut the loose skin off, dumped some salt on it and taped it up (thanks for the tip Steve.) I used the taping method described here by CrossFit Virtuosity’s Keith Wittenstein. It worked great for the OHS, and I think I’ll be able to do the clean/dip WOD tomorrow using the same set up.

Freddy Camacho had a great post on CrossFit OneWorld about rips and calluses. I think that my blood blister and rip from yesterday was definitely a case of too much chalk. My pull-up bar here is one of those crappy Wal-Mart Gold’s Gym doorway specials and I hate it. It’s too small and too slick, hence the skin bunching and over-chalking. Lesson learned.


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