Kyuki-Do Night

Kyuki-do class tonight. We have a belt test coming up in five weeks so everyone was cramming hard. I helped Irene with her knife and gun defense and then tried to help Sabrina with her self defense. They changed all of the self defense techniques right after I tested for black belt last year, and I haven’t been to class enough to know them very well. After a while Irene came over and we put our three heads together and got through them. Poor Brina doesn’t have a uke small enough for her, it’s hard for her to do some of those things to a bigger person. After class I ran through a few forms on my own and then called it a night.

I weighed in yesterday morning: 149#. Better than I thought it would be, but I’m still a bit pissed at myself for getting back up that high. Oprah, I’m with you sister girl. Oprah needs to CrossFit. Get rid of Bob Green, hire Robb Wolf, Brian Mackenzie and Mark Rippetoe. Then Oprah would have total world domination. Can you imagine the CrossFit gym that Oprah could build? It would be the best CrossFit gym ever, and it would have the added benefit of smelling like roses and fostering world peace. That would be cool.


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