AMRAP in 15 minutes of:

90 ft. overhead walk (42#)
10 Abmat situps
10 pushups (knees)

12 rounds + 1 walk

I felt really good on this one. Actually, it felt kind of easy — and when you say that after a CrossFit workout someone else always says “Then you didn’t go hard enough.” The thing is, I don’t know if I could have gone any faster. I was using a barbell with bumper plates for the overhead walk, I don’t think I could have ran with it — though that may have added an exciting “danger” element to the workout. I did the push-ups and sit-ups as fast as I could. I guess I probably should have gone with strict push-ups but I didn’t know which equation to use: faster = harder or harder = harder. If we ever do this one again I’m going strict.

Actually, the most difficult part of the whole workout was turning around at the end of the box while holding a barbell overhead (without punching any holes in the wall.) I could tell when Steve got to the end of the room because I could hear him go “Whooooo!” I was probably going “whooo” too, but I wasn’t keeping track of what kind of noises I was making as it required all of my concentration and motor skills just to helicopter around. Come to think of it, it was kind of like a helicopter, only not as safe.


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