Rest Day, Here I Come

Man, do I ever need a rest day. I told Steve this morning that I hurt everywhere from the neck down. Well, after judo tonight I hurt everywhere, period. We did throws again tonight, but there were only three of us there so we worked on technique and went through everything very thouroughly. Not too much breakfalling, thank goodness, but I hit the floor enough times to last me for a good while.

This morning we also did this workout:

3 rounds for time:

33 push-ups
33 goblet squats, 25#
33 unanchored situps


I was totally not feeling this one. I was mucho tired because, among other things, my upstairs neighbors kept me up all night with their irritating shenanigans. I think they were bowling or something. I did the first round of pushups strict, then switched to knees for the next two rounds because I knew my shoulder couldn’t take it. Come to think of it, maybe it wasn’t bowling. Maybe Richard Simmons came over and they were sweatin’ to the oldies all night. I really hope there is not a repeat performance.


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