Never Bring Your Own Tools


10 rounds for time of:
25 double unders (subbed 75 singles)
10 Overhead squats, 45#


Yuck — jump rope. Although that was my fault because I showed up with it and Steve said we might as well use it. He also said “That’s what happens when you bring your own tools.” Maybe next time I’ll bring a pillow, ha!

Kyuki-do class tonight. It’s great to have a lot of black belts now — tonight there were seven of us and one Master. And there were two missing, so if everyone showed up we’d have nine. Pretty soon we’re going to have two lines of black belts!

Forms, forms and more forms. Koryo (one of my all-time favorites), Keumgang and Taebaek. It’s fun to have the other black belts to work with. It was lonely when it was just me and Tom. So lonely.

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