Deadlift and Burpees


Five rounds for time of:
140 pound Deadlift, 5 reps
10 Burpees


I did this one back in July with a time of 9:54 — but I also did 170 pound deadlifts then. I remember the deads being singles and being really, really painful. My burpees today were the throw yourself on the ground like you just don’t care variety, but my chest and nose touched the floor on every rep so I guess I was deep enough. I know one thing, they sure hurt!


Update: This afternoon I did the split jerk workout from the main site:

Split Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

100#/105#/110(F) 105#/105#105#/105#

I did this in my apartment, which has about two square feet of open space. I also was bumperless, so dumping was not an option. On the first warm-up jerk I actually stuck my back foot into the couch, so I had to clear a little more space. I know I could have done 110# all the way across, but I was so worried about the space, the metal plates, etc. that I decided to play it safe and just go with 105#. I could see my reflection in the TV, and I noticed that I’m not locking my right elbow out and that I’m pressing it just a tad. I have no idea if this is something I do regularly or if it’s just attributable to trying to do a big lift in a little space.


Another update: Judo class tonight. Fun — we did all the throws tonight only we did them BACKWARDS! That means we did the horrible, no good, low down dirty dog throws first (Tomoe Nage  and Uchi Mata) at the beginning. I love this, because I always spend the whole night hoping and praying that we run out of time before Tomoe Nage comes. I’m always tired and sore by that point and when sensei says “Tomoe Nage” I always feel like saying “Just kill me — just shoot me in the head now and put me out of my misery.” Ok, maybe it’s not that bad — but close. Tonight, we got it over with first, allowing me to enjoy the rest of class. I hate Morote Seoinage too, but unfortunately it’s still in the middle no matter which end you start from. 

2 thoughts on “Deadlift and Burpees

  1. you mean to tell me you are in town and didn’t come up? bought a couple cheap heaters and the garage was plenty warm this morning….

  2. Dang it! I figured it would be about -10 in there. I had visions of my sweaty hands freezing to the bar. I have a couple of projects that are due this afternoon, though, so I need to get them done. I’ll be there tomorrow!

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