Well, I planned on doing the main site WOD today: 5 rounds of 5 deadlifts and 10 burpees, but I got derailed. It seems that the year is almost over (shocking, who knew!) and my clients all need to get one last project squeezed in before the clock strikes midnight and they all turn into pumpkins. Oh, well, most of them will pay me in a timely manner — I hope.

I was holed up in my cave working all day. Side note: Speaking of caves — I once had a boss tell me I was trying to be too creative, and that there was no place for that in graphic design, and that if I wanted to be an artist I should just go live in a cave because there was no place in society for me. Uhhhh, ok. Seriously, that was pretty much what he said word for word. I know! Anyway, the phone and email were buzzing all day, and at about 5:00 I decided “Screw it, I’m going to Kyuki-do class. I need some physical violence.” But, alas, there was no violence and we just worked on our forms. One that we did was Yi Jang, which I believe means “Joyful”. It was joyful to be in class tonight. Sometimes I love martial arts, and sometimes I don’t. Sometimes it hurts, it’s hard, and frustrating — and sometimes everything clicks and you move like you never thought you could and it is indeed joyful.


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