Steve cooked up this little Fight Gone Bad-ish gem for me this morning:

1:00 minute work followed by 20 seconds rest of:

Push press (45#)
Box Jumps
Row (calories)
Flutter kicks

Three rounds

Push press: 30/20/20
Box jumps: 20/19/16
Row: 15/13/13
Flutter kicks: 75/48/49

Ow. The best part of the whole thing was that I got to end on flutter kicks, and I was already laying on my back on the floor, so I saved myself a trip. Perfect.

The main site WOD was “Nasty Girls”, and all day I just had this itch to do it. Now clearly, there is something wrong with me — I just did a WOD that had me virtually puking and on the floor afterwards, and I have an hour and a half judo class tonight, and I actually want to torture myself with “Nasty Girls”? I had a barbell sitting in the middle of the living room (doesn’t everybody?) so I did some hang power cleans. Not too bad. I did some quick air squats. OK. I can’t do a muscle up so I set up some chairs to do dips and the pull-up bar. As I started thinking about how many dips and pull-ups I would have to do, and about Nicole crying in the video (best video ever) I asked myself “Are you completely insane?” Well, I am talking to myself, so apparently I’m well on my way. Thankfully I’m not completely insane, just partially insane, because I didn’t go through with it. 

I finally made it back to judo tonight. Aaaah, I miss those guys. We have such fun! We did a really fun, anaerobic warmup with lots of different, random things thrown in. I love that, I get bored with the same old stretch-situp-pushup warmup. Yawn. Then we did back-to-backs on the floor, and counters to the throws. 

Some fun random moments:

I was about to get absolutely mashed by Joey, so I said “Have I ever told you you’re my favorite?” He mashed me anyway. Then Neils said “That ticks me off, I though I was your favorite.” Then he mashed me. Later on Neils mashed Joey and ended up on top of him on the floor and he said “Joey, you’re my special favorite.”

I swept both of Anja’s legs instead of one like I was supposed to. I told her it was my Two For One special — sweep one leg, get the other for free.

Anja, Joey and I were looking over the sign-up list for the Christmas party. We were discussing who was going to bring what dishes and Anja said “Randy is bringing his girlfriend” making it sound like the girlfriend was the dish. Ok, I guess maybe you had to be there for that one. But it was funny.


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