Dangerous and Ill-Advised Is My Middle Name

This afternoon I did one round of the following burner:

21 Knees to elbows
1 pood Kettlebell swing, 21 reps
21 Push-ups
21 assisted pull-ups 
Box jump, 21 reps
21 good-mornings
Walking lunge, 150 ft

RX’d was three rounds, but I didn’t have enough time. This one round alone took 13 mintues. I can’t do K2E very well, I’m good for a few and then everything falls apart (and I fall off the bar.) I didn’t have any bands to use for the pull-ups, so I lowered one of my rings, hooked my foot in it and gave myself a little boost. Yes, dangerous and ill-advised (I swear, that should be my middle name.) Luckily, I didn’t end up with my leg completely through the ring while I dangled by one arm in mid air until the last rep. I somehow managed to extract myself without injury — good luck trying to explain that one at the emergency room.

Later tonight I went to kyuki-do class. Mostly high belts so we worked on forms — Taeguek one, Keumgang and Taebeak. It’s nice to have the new black belts to work with. It was so hard being at my level alone, I’ve been a black belt for almost a year and I’m just now learning the forms. It seemed that every time I managed to get to class I ended up teaching or we did something else. Frustrating.


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