Lactate Overload

Forgive me, Coach, for I have slacked. Verily I promised two days ago to complete a 5k run, and I did not do it. I overslept and raneth out of time, please do not smite me with burpees. For my penance I awoke an hour early this morning and did a CrossFit Endurance workout:

“Lactate Flood”

120:60 x 6 or 2 min on 1 minute off x 6

Total distance – 1.12 miles. I was absolutely positive I did six rounds, but I must have either re-set something on the treadmill, or lost my mind completely and skipped a round. My money would be on the latter. I don’t think I could have done another round anyway, on the last one I completely and absolutely failed. I literally could not take another step. Pushing the stop button on the treadmill was also followed by a dash to the bathroom to be sick.

I think that’s officially the fastest I’ve ever ran. It averaged out to just under 9:00/mile. BC (Before CrossFit) when I ran a lot I did a 9:00 mile one time, and most of that was downhill. So even though I had 1:00 breaks today I still was hauling ass (for me, anyway.) I also wore my new shoes, Nike racing flats. They are super light, and I was running on the balls of my feet the whole time. The very odd downside to that is that my heels and calves hurt like heck. Not sure why, maybe I stretched something I don’t normally stretch.


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