Three rounds for time:
Run 400 meters
35 pound Kettlebell X 21 swings
12 Pull-ups (jumping)


About a minute faster than the last time I did this. I just picked up a 35# kettlebell so I did proper KB swings for the first time. These are also the heaviest swings I’ve ever done in a workout — I’ve done 30# swings lots of times, but always with a dumbell. I was in desperate need of chalk, though. The kettlebell handle is pretty big (I have teeny, tiny hands) and my grip was slipping a bit.

I also came very, very close to puking after this one. I rolled around on the floor a bit, and finally rolled over on my stomach and laid my cheek on the side of the kettlebell. It reminded me of the bit Bill Cosby used to do about getting drunk. “Thank you kettlebell, thank you for being cool on the side. Only you understand me kettlebell. You’re the only friend I have, my wonderful kettlebell.”


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