Sprints & Rings


Run 200m x 6, rest 2 min. between rounds

.133 (mile) – 1:08
.124 – 0:56
.124 – 0:56
.124 – 0:55
.125 – 0:55
.125 – 0:55

Rest 2 minutes then:

Ring pushups:
2 strict
10 x 3 from knees
2 strict

I know everyone will find this absolutely shocking, but ring pushups are a lot harder than they look. This is the first time I’ve ever done them, but still I’m a little surprised that I could only manage two strict. I better add that to my list of things I suck at. It’s getting quite long. (Katie, innuendo!)

The sprints were on a treadmill set to 2% incline. It took about 14 seconds for the machine to get up to full speed, so my times are probably not close to what they would be on a track. I hate running really fast on a treadmill because I’m always scared that this will happen:

Of course, my chances of being drunk on the treadmill are about .0000001%, but I guess you can never say never about anything.


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