Squattin’ & Pressin’


30# x 5 x 2
50# x 5 x 1
70# x 3 x 1
100# x 2 x 1 

Work Sets:
120# x 5 x1
130# x 5 x 2 


30# x 5 x 2
50# x 5 x1
60# x 5 x 3
70# x 3 x 1
70# x 4 x 1 

I just haven’t been in the mood for metcons lately, so I’ve been doing the starting strength workouts. I think it’s partially laziness, partially fear of pain, and partially that I’ve been out of my rhythm for the last three weeks. I was all set to do Fight Gone Bad this morning, or some running, but something came up and I missed my opportunity. I didn’t have time to work out until about 8:00 tonight and I just didn’t have it in me. I do like the heavy squats, though. They make me feel gooooood. Also, I was up 10 pounds from last week.

I really need two crucial pieces of equipment: 2.5 pound plates and squat stands. Right now I’m using the arms of my treadmill for my makeshift squat stands. If that sounds ill-advised and dangerous, it is. I just can’t believe the price of pre-fab squat stands. $120-$500? I know I can get metal tubing at the local farm store, and I have a metal saw and welder, and rudimentary welding skills. How hard could it be? I’m fairly certain I could make some without hurting myself too bad. Or burning anything down. Can’t be any worse than balancing a metal bar loaded with 160 pounds of plates on the arms of a shaky treadmill.


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