Starting Strength Day Two


30# x 5 x 2
50# x 5 x 2
70# x 3 x 1
100# x 2 x 1

Work Set: 120# x 5 x 3

Pushups (subbed for bench press):
10 x 3


100# x 5 x 2
130# x 5 x 1
160# x 3 x 1
190# x 2 x 1

Work set: 200# x 5 x 1

I did take about 30 seconds rest between reps on the deadlift work set. I read the workout wrong, I thought it was 200# x 1 x 5, not 5 x 1. Or maybe I was wrong and it was five sets of one. In that case I just did it a little faster. I also did pushups instead of bench press. I am totally freaked out by doing bench presses by myself — I have horrible visions of crushed windpipes and flailing legs. Freaky deaky. 

We are having a really bad blizzard here today, so I helped my mom get the cattle moved, fed, watered and ready. We pregnancy tested the cows yesterday, and the tester dude was late so we ended up working in the dark. It turns out it’s pretty hard to see black cows in the dark. Who knew? In case you were wondering exactly how you pregnancy test a cow, let’s just say it involves a plastic glove that goes all the way to your shoulder. There are days I’m really glad I’m not a cow, and preg testing day is #2. #1 would be the day they load you on a truck, shoot you, grind you up for hamburger and sell you at McDonalds. That said, buy beef! It does a body good!

So, I’ve been chasing cows and running from cows and fixing the holes in the fence the cows have run through for over a week now. My dog decided to ride with me on the four wheeler one day of the roundup, and apparently my driving skills are a little lacking because she jumped off at one point and puked. Sorry, girl.


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