Aborted Michael

My intended workout today was Michael (3 rounds of 800m run, 50 back extensions, 50 sit-ups.) I made it through one round (scaling the back extensions down to 30 reps) plus part of the next 800m run, and I got interrupted twice. I finally just got cranky and gave up. Grrrr. I don’t like this workout anyway, and I hate getting interrupted when I do anything, so I was pretty cranky for the rest of the day.

Tonight I did a Starting Strength workout:


Warmup – 30# x 5 x 2 / 60# x 5 x1 / 70# x 3 x 1 / 100# x 2 x 1

Work set – 120# x 5 x 3


Warmup – 30# x 5 x 2 / 50# x 5 x 1 / 60# x 3 x 1 

Work sets – 70# x 3 x 1 / 70# x 2 x 1 / 60# x 5 x 2

Jumping pull-ups:

3 (jumping off 2 bumper plates) 
10 x 2 (jumping off 3 bumper plates)

3 jumping pull-ups? Pathetic. I feel like Sylvester’s son in the Looney Tunes cartoons when Sylvester can’t catch the kangaroo that he thinks is a mouse. I’ll just pull a paper bag over my head and say “I’m so ashamed.”

I could just slap myself for letting myself get so weak. A month ago I was making great gains, getting close to a dead hang pull-up, getting close to consistently pressing 80 pounds. My hectic life is catching up to me. I’m trying to live in two places, and work two jobs — and it’s wearing on me. I like a routine, I like knowing I’ll work out at 10:00 and eat at 12:00 and so on and so forth. I’m in a situation now where it seems everyone but me is in control of my life. I feel unsettled. I don’t like it, but it is what it is.


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