Belt Test

Last Saturday was our belt test at our martial arts school. I tested in judo and I ran one of the Kyuki-do test groups. I am now a 3rd Kup (brown stripe) in judo. It went pretty well, except that I lost all three of my rondori matches, but no biggie. You win some, you lose some. The kyuki-do test I ran went pretty good too, I was able to do it all pretty much from memory this time. I’m really bad at being in charge, but there really aren’t that many decisions to make. They do break-falling, punching, kicking, three step sparring and self defense, and then they go get interrogated by the Grand Master. I missed a few commands, but overall not bad. Lou said I was pretty good at being bossy, which is a miracle, because I’m a total pushover in the rest of my life. I think during the belt test I just channel all the bossy relatives in my family tree — and there are a lot of them to draw on. Whole generations, in fact.

I think I’m finally over my illness. I had a relapse last week but I feel pretty good now. Except that I feel fat and weak from having missed two weeks of workouts. Time to start hitting the WOD every day. It’s gonna hurt, but I need to do it. I don’t feel right if I don’t do CrossFit, and I have a martial arts tournament to get ready for in March. Seems like a long time from now, but it really isn’t.

I’m going to be at my mom’s house all week. She’s getting ready to sell calves and we have a lot of work to do. We were going to do it all two weeks ago, but we had quite a few calamities. To name a few: a pipe broke and flooded the barn, the plumbers took two weeks to show up so we had to haul water to our calves in five gallon buckets; we tore out a whole section of fence because it needed repair, then promptly blew the engine out of the skid steer (which we use to dig post holes); and I ran over a three inch metal spike and ruined a tire. So this week we have to clean the barn out, put the fence back in, repair the sections of the corral that we broke the last time we sold calves, gather the cows from the pastures, sort the calves off that we’re keeping, haul the rest of them to the sale barn, and pray, PRAY that the cattle market goes up. Most people don’t realize that ranchers and farmers get paid once a year, when they sell their product. If the market happens to bottom out that day and you lose $20,000 — tough luck — see you next year if you’re still around. No take-backs. Imagine getting paid once per year, and then having your check amount be determined on what the stock market happens to be doing that day. To say it’s nerve wracking would be a massive understatement.


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