Ready For Test — All Systems Go

Kyuki-do and judo classes tonight. I took my little group and ran them through the test in Kyuki-do class. Being in charge is almost as nerve-wracking as testing. When you test you just have to do what they tell you, but when you’re running the thing everybody’s counting on you to tell them what to do. When you screw up everybody notices because you’re the only one talking. At least when you’re testing you’re usually hidden in the group and you have a chance to pretend that really awful thing you just did never happened.

We did the whole test in judo, right down to the rondori matches at the end. I was tuckered out at the end. The only thing I’m worried about is the new breakfalling form. I don’t have a problem with the falling, but remembering what knee to get up on and whether to turn counter clockwise or clockwise is making my head hurt.

Random moments of the night from judo class:

Discussion on semi truck rig convoys that go across the Australian outback. Tom commented on the gigantic grill guards on the trucks, used to smush kangaroos. Joey said in a sad voice “They’re taking out little joeys!” Get it? Joey is worried about the joeys?

Tom and Neils in a clinch on the ground choking each other. Master E stopped the match and Tom rubbed his eye. From across the room the rest of us were speculating on what happened. Someone said sarcastically “Ah, his eyeball just popped out.” Anja said “Well, just drape it over your ear and keep going.”


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