Who’s in charge here?

Kyuki-do class tonight. All high belts, so we went through the black belt test. We did all the forms, hand techniques, self defense forms, and then I wookied for Irene on her knife defense techniques and one step sparring. It felt good to actually do something — since I became a black belt I’ve been mostly assisting or teaching, and to be honest, I hate it. I’m an awful teacher, I really am. Is there anything you are just really, REALLY bad at? It’s teaching for me. 

A random amusing moment:

Randall somehow got stuck with the nick name “Ice Cube”, so we decided that his buddy Randy must be “Ice-T.” Actually, I was thinking of suggesting “Slushy” but I didn’t think of it until later.

And one from judo class last night:

Linda was the senior student and was supposed to do the warm-up. She doesn’t like to do it, so she foisted it on me. So I made them do burpees. Muahahahaha (that’s my evil villain laugh.) It was suggested that Linda not put me in charge of the warm up again. My super-evil plan worked perfectly — and if it involves burpees it’s always super-evil.


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