Acerbic Snatches


Snatch 1-1-1-1-1-1-1


Lots of practice with the 30# bar.
50# x 2
60# x 1

70/70/70/80(F) 70/70/70

These were pretty much just power snatches. I am really, really bad at this lift and I pretty much just muscled the weight up. In between sets I practiced overhead squats with a 5# bar, and also did some practice snatches with the same bar, concentrating on form and landing position. When I do the lift with full weight I’m pulling the weight up in front of me and not above me, I have to dive forward a little bit. But hey, I didn’t hurt myself. Success!

I tried pretending that Rip or Mike B. was there yelling at me and directing acerbic one-liners in my direction, but it didn’t help. I still suck.


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