Below is photographic evidence that suspect, Tami, actually participates in CrossFit.

Steve’s garage — scene of the carnage.

Steve — the accomplice.

Tami — the perpetrator. (Suspect attempting to escape, but she’s not bright enough to realize that the rower doesn’t actually go anywhere.)

The charge: rounding the back on a deadlift! Guilty. (No wonder my back is sore today.)

Thanks for the pictures Steve!


4 thoughts on “Evidence

  1. i was a little tired and sore yesterday too. pretty big week…. how’s the lung pudding? did we clear it out or make it worse?

  2. LOL… Tami the evidence is great! and even though you may hate pictures, they let you know where your form faults lie. It really is a good thing to help you progress! 🙂

  3. Hey Steve, the lung pudding comes and goes but seems to be getting a little better. My back is killing me though — hope I didn’t hurt myself.

    Katie, I’ve always hated pictures of myself, but I’m an avid photographer and I drive my family and friends crazy because I’m constantly taking photos of them. So I guess it’s only fair that the tables are turned on me once and a while.

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