Kinda Sorta Christine



250m row
12 Deadlifts (140 pounds)
21 box jumps (13″ box)


Full Christine is 500 meter rows, but I’m still under the weather so I decided to cut the distance in half. My lungs feel like they are full of pudding (I know, yuck) but I actually felt a little better after I was done. CrossFit cures the common cold. Of course, I was in so much misery during the workout that I didn’t care about much else. That last row is just awful — I was trying to come up with a plan about how to get out of it, but considering that it was only 250m and I was scheming while I was doing it, it was over before I hatched a suitable plan. If I had been doing 500m I may have had time to think up a brilliant scheme about why I shouldn’t be rowing 500m.

Steve and I took turns doing the workout as there is only one rower. To amuse ourselves while we were waiting we used Cindy’s camera to shoot video and photos of each other. So there may be photos coming. Steve, be sure to send some of yourself too and I’ll post them up! 🙂


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