Leggin’ It Out


100 meter row, 8 rounds, 30 sec. rest

22.7, 22.4, 22.4, 22.2, 22.6, 22.7, 25.2, 27.0

Then immediately into:

Tabata box jumps – 12″ box
11/9/8/9/9/9/9/11 = 75

Tabata jump rope
18/20/27/29/23/25/33/24 = 199

Tabata squats
14/12/13/12/10/11/12/12 = 96

(Tabata is 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest, repeat 8 times)

As we say up here in South Dakota – ufta! Or I could say some other words, but I won’t… 🙂 I think about halfway through the box jumps I told Steve I was starting to hate him. Sorry Steve, that was the tabata talking.

I’m really liking the rowing. A couple of times I pulled so hard I came off the seat (they really should put seatbelts on those things) but other than that the rows felt really good. The first few box jumps after the rowing was awful. It was pretty much all awful after that. But awful in a good way. Except that when I got home I just about didn’t make it down the stairs, thought I was going to have to turn around and back down. I still have sparring class tonight, and that’s pretty killer on your legs too with all that bouncing and kicking. Arrggh.

Update: I went to sparring class tonight, someone asked me how I felt and I said my legs were trashed because I did a killer leg workout this morning. He said “Squats?” I said, “Yep, squats, and box jumps, and jump rope, oh and eight 100m sprints on the rower.” He said “Well, that was dumb wasn’t it?” Well, obviously.

We have a new guy in martial arts class. Let me tell you, he thinks his s**t don’t stink. He’s talented, he’s fast, and powerful — but martial arts isn’t all about physical ability. That’s why we have tenets: courtesty, humility, self control… You’re not impressing anyone by beating up people slower, older, younger or shorter than you and mocking them while you do it. He’ll learn, or he’ll be gone.


4 thoughts on “Leggin’ It Out

  1. I was telling Cindy that you said you hated me. She thought that was probably a common theme during workouts. Nice job today. See ya Wednesday.

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