10 rounds for time:

10 deadlifts – 105#
10 push-ups


Deads — my favorite lift! I just about hopped up and down with joy when I walked in and Steve told me the workout. The deadlifts were easy, cake. At about round three or four my hamstrings started to burn a little, but I think I was just getting warmed up — I ripped through them after that. The push-ups, on the other hand, were not cake. They were more like broccoli, you know they’re good for you but you still find them repulsive (like my three year old cousin — who will eat anything — says, “Broccoli never good.”) But I did all of them strict. That’s 100 strict push-ups today, and 105 in the shoveling workout earlier in the week, and I think I did around 100 during “The Chief” last week. I couldn’t have done that a month ago, so I’m pleased with my progress on that.

My mom found a great sports rub for aches and pains the other day. She got it at the local feed store, and it’s for horses. I’ll admit I was skeptical at first, and I asked her if it was FDA approved for human use. Turns out it is, and it’s awesome. I’ve even used it for headaches and it works like a charm. Liquid Freeze by Cut-Heal. I was worried I would turn a little horsey if I used too much, but no side effects so far. Other than that strange craving I’ve been having for oats and the odd habit I now have of stomping my foot when I count. “How many deadlifts did you do?” Thump, thump, thump.

Kyuki-Do class and judo class tonight. Everyone was quite shocked to learn that the tournament is NEXT WEEKEND and not in two weeks, like we’ve been planning for for six months. So now our black belt candidates can’t test because of other commitments and quite a few people aren’t going to make it to the tournament for the same reason. I probably won’t go either, as we had some things planned for that weekend. We actually wouldn’t have found out except one of our members called the hotel to reserve rooms and asked for the tournament rate on the 10th and 11th, and the hotel said don’t you mean the 3rd and 4th? No one bothered to tell us the date had changed. That would have been fine and dandy if we had all showed up in two weeks and there was nothing there.

We did a little sparring in Kyuki-do and we did ground sparring in judo, trying to work on our chokes and arm bars. Judo was fun, one of our senior students was teaching and he always runs a great class.


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