“The Chief”, Eau de Bumper Plates and Deep Fried Bread


The Chief
Max rounds in 3 minutes of:
80 pound Power cleans, 3 reps
6 Push-ups
9 Squats

Rest 1 minute. Repeat for a total of 5 cycles.

Cycle 1: 4 rounds
Cycle 2: 3 rounds + 3 cleans 
Cycle 3: 3 rounds + 3 cleans
Cycle 4: 3 rounds + 3 cleans
Cycle 5: 3 rounds + 3 cleans + 2 pushups

All push-ups strict except about six each in cycles 3 and 4. My arms just gave out so I continued with knee push-ups. The pushups were the hardest part for me — no surprise there. 

I keep all of my bumper plates in the furnace room, and I’ve noticed the last couple of days that when I enter the room I get a whiff of that distinctive rubber smell. I’ve been thinking that if CrossFit ever puts out a line of fragrances it should have that sweet, sweet aroma of rubber. The name, of course, would be Eau de Bumper Plate. Look out Paris, here we come.

I totally pigged out yesterday. We went and helped my aunt and cousin vaccinate their calves and then went to my aunt’s house for supper. We had homemade chili and (curses) homemade bread. My aunt makes the best homemade bread in the world, and I slathered honey butter on two thick slices and shoveled them in before supper even started. Then she took some leftover dough and made fry bread, and I inhaled two more hunks of that. Ooooh, so good.

I don’t know if people that aren’t from the Rez know what fry bread is (do they have Indian tacos anywhere but the Rez?) Basically, you take bread dough, shape it into a flat, round hunk, and drop it into hot oil and fry it. If you’re having Indian tacos you then pile it with meat (usually ground beef), cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes. I prefer my fry bread straight up and hot with just a touch of butter. Yum. We actually used to have that for lunch in school when I was little. That was the best day: Rainbow stew, fry bread and wojape (wo-zha-pee, a traditional jam made out of choke cherries — although I think the stuff at school was made out of blue berries.)

The worst day was goulash day. The smell alone was enough to make you sick. In first grade I actually threw up on the school bully on goulash day and got sent to the office. He totally deserved it, and I told him to quit pushing my around or else. I don’t make idle threats. I think he’s in prison now, so someone’s probably still puking on him on goulash day.

Dang, I thought this was supposed to be a fitness blog. How did I end up writing three paragraphs about deep fried bread and goulash?


4 thoughts on ““The Chief”, Eau de Bumper Plates and Deep Fried Bread

  1. i’m from the rez, have eaten fry bread but never had the wojape. mom used to make some great chokecherry jelly…. you coming over tomorrow? did fran on monday and a rowing michael this morning. walked 18 holes of golf this afternoon. good day!

  2. Hey Steve — the chokecherry jelly sounds good. My cousin stumbled upon a wild plum bush the other day, and we’re trying to convince my mom to make some plum jelly. After you’ve had the homemade stuff it’s hard to go back to the store bought jelly.

    I don’t think I’m going to make it over tomorrow. Thursday, Friday and Saturday for sure if you’re up for it.

    How did Fran go? I missed it this time around.

  3. Thurs and Fri are good. I look forward to it. 10am work for you again?
    Saturday we are going to Huron at the crack of dawn to watch Samantha run 6th grade cross country.

    Fran sucked – 7:16 at 75#.

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