Super Secret Black Belt Class

We had a rare 8:30 am Saturday morning black belt class today. I enjoyed it a lot, I wish we would have them more often. One of the downsides about being a black belt is you don’t really get to do much anymore. Mostly you teach or help the lower belts, your own stuff kind of gets put on the back burner. 

It was a small class, just me, Randall and Sedona (and Master E, our fearless leader.) We just went through the last five forms and worked on the new breakfalling form. We just took our time and went through every move of every form one by one. Sedona and I did Koryo together and it was one of those moments when you do everything in perfect synchonization, like you are one person. It was fun, and Koryo is a beautiful form when done correctly. 

I really need a rest day. I’m aching from head to toe. The breakfalling form was tough, because every time I moved my body said “no, I don’t wanna do that!” I just told it to shut up and kept throwing it on the floor. Good thing I didn’t say it out loud. If someone saw a black belt yelling at herself and throwing her body around a padded room they might think she was crazy. They might be right.


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