Four rounds for max reps of:
Pull-ups (jumping)
125# back squat

Push-ups: 21/15/15/12
Pull-ups: 12/11/11/8 
Squats: 3/5/5/5

This was supposed to be five rounds, but after the fourth my shoulder started to hurt and my right arm went numb. The last time that happened I couldn’t feel my arm for four days. Sometimes you just have to know when to quit.

I was not happy with this one. The push-ups were ok. I thought I would get more pull-ups, because I’ve been feeling stronger on those lately. The squats just plain sucked.

On the last round of pull-ups I managed to fall off the box twice. I was swinging from the bar with my legs pin wheeling madly in the air, and my bar is not stable. I have the kind of closet doors that fold open and shut, and to set up my bar I open them about half way and set the bar on top of the door. I put a few screws in the top of the door to keep the bar from rolling off (yes, I learned that lesson the hard way.) So the whole set up is unstable and ill-advised — just like me. You know that section in the newspaper that is devoted to stupid people doing stupid things, like the guy that robbed a convenience store and showed the clerk his ID after she told him he wasn’t old enough to steal beer? Well, if a story ever shows up in there about a girl, a pull-up bar, a closet door and the paramedics, you can say “Hey, I know who that is.” 

I’ve had a frustrating day with work too. A client wants to lay out an entire proposal, complete with sidebars, charts, graphs, photographs and pull quotes in Microsoft Word. WORD! I’m starting to get that feeling I used to have in my old job, where I actually began to think I had died and gone to hell and just hadn’t realized it yet. 

Oh yeah, and I have PMS. And I missed my martial arts class tonight because I had to work on the aforementioned project from hell. If ever there was a night I needed to beat something or someone up…


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