Practical Applications of Fitness and a Pull-up?

I think maybe I got a kipping pull-up today. My pull-up bar up at my mom’s place is just above my reach and I need to jump up to grab it. I did that this afternoon and used my momentum from the jump to do a pull-up, then I pushed away from the bar, did a kip and did one more pull-up. I’m getting closer and closer to a dead hang every day.

Don’t you love the practical applications of your fitness? I know I do. Today I helped my mom fix a fence that got torn out this spring when we had the flooding. The water wiped out about 75 feet of fence and we had to dig out the old posts and barbed wire. The wire was coated and buried under about a foot of mud, grass and branches. At one point I found myself deadlifting the wire out of the ground. I didn’t even consciously think about it, my body just did it. I also had to lift and move some big dead trees, no problem at all. Then I had to climb a hill that was so steep I couldn’t even walk up it. I had to use an old wire that was tied to a post at the top of the hill and climb hand over hand up and down the hill all afternoon. No problem. Then I had to pound a bunch of steel posts in with a heavy steel post driver. No problem. 

Could I have done these things a year ago when I thought I was “fit” because I ran 45 minutes three times a week and did 15 pound bicep curls? No way. The kicker is that I’m nowhere near as fit as I could be. I can’t wait to see what happens when I can hit the WOD’s every day, eat like I should be and lose 25 pounds. Sky’s the limit.


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