Cows Rule!

Missed yet another workout today. More cow work. We rounded up and vaccinated our last bunch of calves today. I’m exhausted. My uncle showed up to help so it went a little faster, but it’s hard work no matter how you go about it. 

We have one cow that everybody hates. She is hated because when you get her in an enclosed space she goes nuts. Like you better be ready to set the world record in the 40 yard dash, high jump, long jump and pole vault all at the same time when she snaps kind of crazy. Well, last winter I decided she was really not mean, just misunderstood, and I made it my goal to tame her. Shockingly — and believe me, no one is more shocked than me — I succeeded. I can walk up to her in the pasture and feed her out of my hand now. She’ll even look for me when the herd is gathered up just to say “What’s up?” and check to see if I have treats. When we put the cows in the corral we always try to get her and one other old rip out so we don’t have to watch our backs all day. Today my Mom sorted the two out and was coming up with a complicated plan to get them out the gate. I said, “I’ll get her out, just wait.” I went to the gate, opened it a little, and said “Hey boss.” She turned around and looked right at me. I waved my hand in the “come here” gesture and pointed to the open gate. She walked calmly out and the other cow followed her. I love it when that happens. 


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