Kyuki-do and judo again last night. Kyuki-do was awesome, we did sparring drills and sparring the whole class. One young girl cried for a little bit after one of the 6’5″ guys kicked the crud out of her during a drill (accidentally, of course.) She was given permission to return the favor, but ended up laughing instead when he immediately covered his what-nots with his hands like a soccer player on the line during a penalty kick. It would be a shame if he got kicked there (accidentally, of course.) During the rest of the class she also got kicked in the throat, tripped and fell down in the middle of a match, whacked knees with someone else, and then dropped a shelf on her foot in the locker room after class. Not a good day for her.

Judo was great as well, all throwing drills. We did some breakfall drills at the start of class and I think I may have done the best walking breakfall I’ve ever done in my life. Not that it was totally awesome or anything, because I really suck at them, but it’s the best one I’ve ever done. More boob crushing on the throws though, this time from one of the other ladies. As I was bent double in pain Master E. asked if I was ok, I said “Well, it’s kind of a girl thing.” He just put his hand over his face and shook his head. That’s gonna leave a mark.


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