Push Jerk 3-3-3-3-3


The 95’s and 100’s felt really, really good. Smooth. I thought about going for a 1RM, but I didn’t have bumper plates and I was in a place where dropping was not an option. Some other time.

Yesterday I came so very close to a dead hang pull-up. In the morning I walked by the room where the bar is and I thought “What the heck, try one.” I was literally shocked to find myself rising up to the bar. I couldn’t get my chin over, but I got my chin just about level with the bar. I came back in a half hour and got another one just like it. Then I tried again in the evening and I could barely raise myself a few inches. ??? Maybe that’s all I have in me, I don’t know. It could be like the two times I’ve pressed over 80 pounds — the planets were all aligned correctly or something — because I’ve been trying and trying and it’s never happened again. 

I was going to do the CrossFit Jax WOD from today, but it was long and complicated and I just didn’t have time. I helped my mom vaccinate some calves and doctor some sick cows and it turned into an all day project (it usually does if it involves cattle) and it tuckered me out. So I’ll save that one for tomorrow.


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