1 – shoulder press 60#
1 – push press 60#
1 – push jerk 60#
As many rounds possible until shoulder press failure for 3 sets. Transition from one movement straight into next movement without dropping or racking bar. 5 minutes rest between each set. Post rounds from each set for score.

4/4/5 (this didn’t seem like a lot to me, but I added it up and it’s over 2300 pounds combined. I lifted over a ton!)

After that I played around with pull-ups for a while. I worked on my kip a bit, I can get half way up to the bar unassisted now. I also tried some band assisted kipping pull-ups. I think I need some better bands, I have some rigged up (imagine that) pieces of surgical tubing tied together. When I kick my feet behind me on the kip the bands keep slipping off my feet. I also did some weighted jumping pull-ups with 10 pounds. 

I was going to do some 400m runs on the treadmill, but the power went off right as I was getting ready to start up. Good thing I wasn’t running at the time, that would have been “not dood, not dood” as my little cousin used to say. I would have just gone outside, but it was 99 degrees and the wind was blowing 40 mph. Not dood, not dood.

I think maybe I will start following Cross Fit Jax’s programming. I love their workouts, and as I lurk on their blog every day I keep thinking “That’s cool, I’ll save that and do it someday.” Might as well go ahead and do it, because every day looks better and better to me.

I also liked this article that was linked up on the CFHQ Affiliate blog: Cut the Crap (scroll down to the August 12 entry). I need to do that. Just stop making excuses and cut all the junk out of my life. I’ve gained twenty pounds since my dad passed away three and half years ago. I was down to 128 pounds then, though going through the worst thing that’s ever happened to you and simultaneously having influenza will drop a little weight off you. I definitely would not recommend the Death and Flu diet. I was also really overtrained at that time. I ran a lot, and had the bad knees and bad health to prove it. My weight was down, but I don’t think I was actually very fit. I could run for an hour, but I doubt if I could have squatted 50 pounds, and I remember thinking that 15 pound dumbell presses were really, really hard.

Now is the time of my life to really try and get as healthy as I can. I’ve always wanted to see how fit I could be, just to know what it felt like. One year, what is one year out of my life? So I can’t eat cake — so freakin’ what? At least I will be able to fit into my pants and be able to do pull-ups (theoretically, anyway.) I’ve never been completely comfortable with my body, and I’d really like to know what that’s like. Just for once in my life. Like everything in this world, you have to give something up to gain something else.


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